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Hensel Recycling

Shredders, designed to shred multiple materials

Lefort recently opened its doors to give both potential customers and the press a preview of the latest addition to its range: the Multi Product 800 shredder or MTP800 for short.
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Current trends in battery recycling

Electric bikes

What challenges and opportunities result from the increasing use of lithium-ion batteries? Does the recycling of lithium have an economic perspective? And what are the further trends and developments in the field of battery recycling?
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One ton of gold is thrown out every year

Every year, Danes discard 81.000 tons of electronics. Between 1990 and 2015, electronic waste in Denmark has increased from 45.000 to 81.000 tons. This has been shown by a survey of the country’s electronic waste carried out by researchers at SDU.
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Plastics from ELVs and the role of a primary plastics producer in recycling

PDM eventr

The BIR Plastics Committee under the chairmanship of Surendra Patawari Borad of Gemini Recycling (BEL) continues to bring the issue of plastics from shredders centre-stage.
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6% of the worlds aluminium inventory in a Mexican warehouse

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal gave a real eye opener to the world of big business and the alleged efforts of a Chinese mega-businessman to move large quantities of aluminium into the USA avoiding tariffs.
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More lead but less zinc

The Inernational Lead and Zinc Study Group (ILZSG) bring us up to date on lead and zinc.
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Platinum Recoveries

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