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Axion proves ‘ideas can work’

Axion Consulting’s expertise in laboratory-based process development and optimisation work can help turn recycling concepts into commercial reality, contributing to the recovery of valuable resources within the Circular Economy.
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Panizzolo's Flex 1000 debuts in the UK at MRE

Frogeye Sprite

The Materials Recycling Event at Donington earlier this month lived up to it’s name and was a great opportunity for merchants and processors to take a close look at some of the latest equipment on offer. One piece that caught our eye was Panizzolo’s Portable Flex 1000 system that let’s you quickly and easily process a variety of materials.
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New process makes BPA-leaching plastic environmentally safe

The world generates more than 2.7 million tons of polycarbonates, to create common household items, such as CDs, baby bottles, eyeglass lenses and smartphones. Over time, polycarbonates decompose and leach BPA. IBM researchers have discovered a new, one-step chemical process that converts polycarbonates into plastics safe for water purification, fibre optics and medical equipment.
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E-Scrap a national security issue

PDM eventr

There was a time when some may remember that scrap metals in the UK were classed as strategically important for the security of the nation. We have become so used to scrap coming under the waste arena so it was a surprise to see that in America, the US Congress has introduced The Secure E-waste Export and Recycling Act (SEERA).
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Information is power!

That’s one of the key reasons why visitors attended MRE last month. Their conference programme gave the audience plenty of ideas to both improve and develop their businesses in the future.
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Health and Safety myths - the truth

Every now and again I attempt to lighten my subject a little by quoting some of the current ‘myths’ going around the workplace regarding health and safety!
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Platinum Recoveries

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