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New possibilities for metals separation highlighted

International visitors, from 16 countries and 3 different continents, gained an overview of the metals recycling sector through presentations and the demonstration of live sorting, at REDWAVEs, 2015 Metal Days held at BT-Wolfgang Binder in Gleisdorf, Germany.
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Metals Recycling Event

Metals, electronics, plastics - Time to take a fresh look at auto materials?

Powerahnd Dismantling System

We’ve heard a great deal over the last few years about the strides being made in post shredder technologies, and even this month, we cover the effectiveness of a new sorting system. From the scrap processors perspective, which has been focussed on traditional manufacturing markets, and more recently, waste stream markets, there has not been much noise about what’s been changing in the vehicle dismantler’s yard.
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EA says fire risk is a top priority

When it comes to incidents handled by the Environment Agency, fire and explosion take the lion’s share at metals recycling sites.
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Blue Group

E H Hassell keep adding to the list

Blue Group Monster

There's not many of us who aren't aware of E H Hassell and Sons, the distributor of Sennebogen's impressive range of material handlers. Well they just added another top player to their list of UK dealerships with the addition of Dutch manufacturer, Bronneberg.
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Making more - that’s what it’s all about!

I don’t want to harp on about MRE2016 too much, but with such an important event happening for our industry in July, it’s worth getting this show in perspective - it’s about building profits, reducing costs and having a great time doing it - that’s why I keep going on about it - I’ve seen how well the sister show, CARS works.
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Waste Transfer Notes

FIT for work- do you know the rules?

Under last year's Fit for Work (FfW) scheme employers will be able to refer an employee for a free occupational health assessment and general health and work advice after four weeks’ continuous sickness absence to help individuals stay in or return to work.
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