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Crisis could have been stopped by PRN reform

The British Plastics Federation’s Recycling Group (BPF RG) has reiterated its claim that the packaging recovering note (PRN) system needs urgent reform before more UK recyclers become victims of the current market failure affecting members such as Closed Loop Recycling (CLR).
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Howler UK Fire alarms

Making the most of electronic scrap

Lefort Shear Baler

OK, we all know the buzz lines such as there’s 80 times more gold in electronic scrap than in gold ore, but is there an even better stream of income to be explored in all those unwanted consumer goods - used parts?
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Non Ferrous Club back in rude health

As a past chairman of the Non Ferrous Club, it was great news to hear it is once again back to it's former glory, serving non ferrous merchants and processors, not only in the west midlands but all over the UK.
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Every second counts when it comes to fire

Rapid Granulator

FIt’s easy to believe “It won’t happen to me”, but if it does, apart from the risks of injury and damage, a fire might just cost you your business as insurers take any opportunity to negate or reduce payments.
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UK closed-loop fuel cell component recycling a step closer

Advanced techniques for recovering a high-value polymer from fuel cell membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs) has brought closed-loop recycling of these components a step closer, according to Axion Consulting.
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Duesmann CAT buyers

Is Obesity Anything to Worry About?

Well apart from the obvious health implications, yes - employers need to know that it has recently been held by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) that obesity can amount to a disability under EC law. Interestingly, however, discrimination on the grounds of obesity is not itself unlawful.
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