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SCRAPpro - what’s it about

First off, I would like to welcome you to SCRAPpro, the only dedicated UK resource for the scrap industry and explain to you what we are about and why we have launched SCRAPpro.
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Considered a refurbished machine?

Lefort Shear Baler

Processing materials efficiently is essential if you wish to maintain or improve profitability, especially when material prices aren't their best. If you don't have the will or resources to invest in a new machine, then refurb is great alternative.
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Innovation essential for profitability in the e-waste market

Earlier this year, the International Electronics Recycling Congress IERC once again demonstrated that although the recycling of electrical and electronic waste presents a number of major challenges, the innovative efforts of the recycling industry just keeps solutions coming.
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Howler UK Fire alarms

Rapid’s acquisition creates world’s largest recycling machine company in sector

Rapid Granulator

Following the acquisition of Rapid Granulator by Lifco, customers will now, for the first time - be able to directly access a unique portfolio of granulators and shredders, as the company joins forces with sister company Eldan, which is focused on recycling equipment for processing of primarily post-consumer scrap, such as tyres, diverse cables, WEEE and various scrap.
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Reducing the risk of fire at waste management sites

New guidance with regards to reducing the risk of fire (2nd Consultation - Draft 1 - September 2014) is available prepared from Waste Industry Safety and Health Forum.
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Feeding the new furnace of Duesmann & Hensel Recycling

International precious metals recycler, Duesmann & Hensel Recycling recently announced the commissioning of a new furnace near Frankfurt, Germany, designed to handle up to 2,000 tonnes each year of material containing precious metals - to you and me, that means CATS. We took a look at the UK side of their operation and what they can offer the merchant.
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Duesmann CAT buyers

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