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Welcome to SCRAP professional - the site specifically aimed at those involved with scrap secondary materials. We cover all aspects of collecting, merchanting and processing of scrap, whether that's ferrous, non-ferrous, electronic and precious, plastics, tyres or any other commercially traded secondary material. Sign up for our, free monthly newsletter.

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The information resource for the secondary materials market

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We keep you up to date with every aspect of the industry
If you're involved in secondary materials then this site is for you. Whether you are a merchant, processor or transporter of tradeable scrap materials, or associated with these sectors, then our aim is to keep you up to date with all the latest news and information affecting your industry.

Although these days we are an integral part of the waste industry, the focus of scrapPro will always be on the business of secondary materials. That means not only changes in legislation that effect you, but more importantly, we focus on ways to increase profits and reduce costs; afterall, that's what we're doing it for!

We know you're all busy making a living and to save time, we have made it easy finding what you want to know. The most recent articles are listed in the right hand column and below you will find links to our past eNewsletters. To the left is a directory section where you can link to suppliers and services relevant to the business of commercial recycling. Above there is a link to our classified adverts pages which is an ideal place to look for both buying and selling materials and equipment.

Editor Chris Floate
SCRAPpro's editor, Chris Floate.
scrapPro's editor is Chris Floate. Chris has been involved with writing and editing magazines which cover this industry since the mid 1980's. Having a background prior to this in technical writing, Chris took on the editorship of Recycling World in 1987. Like scrapPro, the title was aimed at those individuals and businesses involved in trade recycling. At the time this was mainly scrap metal and vehicle dismantling. During his 14 years, the recycling industry developed from what was very much a financially driven market to the environmentally driven market it is today.

Recycling world was at the forefront of this fast changing and developing market, giving in depth analysis and direction to the growing need for environmental awareness. Whilst still editor of Recycling World, in 1998 Chris took on the editorship of The Landscaper, the leading magazine for the landscape trades.

Over the last 15 years, Chris has also edited the Motor Vehicle Dismantlers' Association and as such has experienced the many changes to our industry first hand. Chris also edits our sister site, atfProfessional which covers the automotive recycling sector.

Latest stories

Shredders, designed to shred multiple materials
Lefort recently opened its doors to give both potential customers and the press a preview of the latest addition to its range: the Multi Product 800 shredder or MTP800 for short.
Current trends in battery recycling
What challenges and opportunities result from the increasing use of lithium-ion batteries? Does the recycling of lithium have an economic perspective? And what are the further trends and developments in the field of battery recycling?
Plastics from ELVs and the role of a primary plastics producer in recycling
The BIR Plastics Committee under the chairmanship of Surendra Patawari Borad of Gemini Recycling (BEL) continues to bring the issue of plastics from shredders centre-stage.
One ton of gold is thrown out every year
Every year, Danes discard 81.000 tons of electronics. Between 1990 and 2015, electronic waste in Denmark has increased from 45.000 to 81.000 tons. This has been shown by a survey of the country’s electronic waste carried out by researchers at SDU.
More lead but less zinc
The International Lead and Zinc Study Group (ILZSG) bring us up to date on lead and zinc.
6% of the worlds aluminium inventory in a Mexican warehouse
A recent article in the Wall Street Journal gave a real eye opener to the world of big business and the alleged efforts of a Chinese mega-businessman to move large quantities of aluminium into the USA avoiding tariffs.
Diesel fuel from waste plastics now a reality
According to a report on Engineering and Technology Magazine’s website, a new type of fuel made from mixed plastic waste is being tested for use.
Panizzolo makes processing mixed materials look easy
We mentioned Panizzolo’s Portable Flex 1000 system last month when we covered it’s debut at MRE2016. Since then, E.H. Hassell & Sons have been busy running potential customers’ materials through the machine at their Stoke on Trent base. They invited SCRAPpro to take a look.